About The Crafty Foxes . . .

The crafty foxes is a community based craft company creating new, innovative, imaginative art installations and craft workshops to engage everyone and exclude no-one.

The crafty foxes has been operating for over 15 years.

I started the crafty foxes after I moved to Bury St Edmunds from Cambridge, when my eldest child began school. Creating a flexible working day and a means of meeting new people who enjoy a shared love of coffee and craft! by sharing materials and skill set was my germ of an idea. having the patience of a small child helped too as it meant I quickly found a way to progress to the end product in the shortest amount of time, hence the 'crafty' in The Crafty Foxes name.  Although every workshop only lasts two hours you are guaranteed to leave with something to be proud of and that you would have happily purchased in a shop. Not only do you get the gift at the end but you will leave with the knowledge and understanding of how to create it again and again.

Fast forward a few months, I had so many workshops booked in that I realised it was proving to be a popular viable full-time business and so the crafty foxes was born. Starting with daytime workshops for school-run mums and craft clubs for kids at Denny Bros, it quickly progressed on to working in schools, Children’s Centres and then to the wider community. I am proud to say I have never paid for any advertising as the work has all come from local recognition and word of mouth.

So, if you've got time for a crafty coffee then you've got time to make some wonderfully creative items to befit your home or as a gift.